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Home Survival Supplies

Author: TBOTECHWhen it comes to getting prepared for emergencies, useful home survival supplies are some of the things that should be stored within your home. These supplies should be easily accessible whenever you need them.

In the Inevitable Apocalypse, Zombies Will Have Their Food Supply. But Will You Have Yours?

Author: Chris Haven

What we see in Hollywood is true, right? Well then, it looks as though we will be having ourselves a good old-fashioned zombie apocalypse, invasion, or mass virus that will wipe out the majority of the population one way or another…turning the infected into lobotomized walkers with bad hygiene problems and a serious case of the munchies.

Starvation or Powdered Eggs

by Doug Hoover

Bought any powdered eggs or dehydrated milk lately? Why not? These would be two very useful items on a survivalist’s grocery list, followed by canned meats, flour, wheat, rice, beans, canned cheese and butter, etc. If the answer is no, you are not prepared for

Preppers And Survivalists: It’s Not About Guns And Camouflage

“By Mike Kuykendall

Even though the show “”Doomsday Preppers”” likes to focus on guns and camouflage, the whole concept of being a prepper or a survivalist has much less to do with the flashy things that raise eyebrows and has much more to do with things that are actually quite boring.

The fact is that we all like our toys, and for the most part, preppers and survivalists will tell you that the guns and camouflage,

Global Financial Crisis Explained

5 Basic Survival Skills

Author: C.L. HendricksThere are 5 basic survival skills that every person should know. Without these basic skills chances of survival are diminished greatly, leaving survival to a matter of luck rather than knowledge. What are those five basic survival skills?

Well, first of all you must understand the top three threats to your survival.

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